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Beta note May 21, 2019

The server to update my website was down for a while, I finally updated everything here, I got a new logo a while back so now it is in use. All my new store links work. I will be making a 404 page just for fun soon.

Beta note Sept. 15, 2018

I got my square store up and running, right now there is only one photo avalible. I will have to go back and upload all my photos, that might take a few weeks... or months.

Beta note Jan 16th 2018

I am in a creative writing class, I am sick and I got a new laptop. I editing my code in class, I re-added my reddit link. Later peoples!

Beta note Jan 2 2018

I removed my signauture from the site. It wasn't my real signuture anyways.

Beta Note Jan. 2 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope this year is your year everyone! Good luck!

Beta Note Dec. 20th 2017

Today is my first beta note

Edit: This is also the day the website was first online.

Alpha Note Dec. 1, 2017

Hidden link to check font

Font Tester

Alpha Note Nov. 30, 2017

I made a new page for sticky notes, and for photos. I have three active fonts on my site, one for my sticky notes, one for the rest of the text on the site, and the third for my header and signature at the bottom. I am very happy. I am just doing the finishing touches on the font to make sure it looks nice. All three are my hand writing but sticky notes (if A looks like a star it works) is more common how I write.

Alpha Note Nov. 29, 2017

I got a new page just for alpha notes.

Alpha Note Nov. 15, 2017

I got a logo on my website today, I Had professional Dim Lights Haven Draw it up for me. She is also willing to do commissions for you guys. That's what my fox logo was.

Alpha note Sept. 23, 2017

I added spanish font to my website that I made. I also got the font to work and post-its kinda work. I gave up on the polaroid. If everything is working the font on this site is mine.

Alpha note Sept. 17, 2017

I have some more updates for the site, I need to make the 404 page that I drew out... also if you want to get a trackR use this link . I made a new font on fonty for my header. The font for my site is indie flower(so i no longer own the fonts on this site), only my site name and post-it notes are my handwriting, if I get it to work. Only indie flower is showing...i might draw a new one that is mine soley for the site that isnt my handwriting...hmmm

Alpha note: Sept. 14th, 2017

I started over on the html and css now. I am hoping I can get my URL up and running. Once my URL is up and running I will be writing Beta notes. I also couldn't get my font to work. My boyfriend is helping me quite a bit with this site amd fixed it for me. I made it on fonty, it is my handwriting and for that reason it is only on my post-it notes. But, when I did that I made my font stop working...

Alpha note: Sept. 9th, 2017

Everything on this site is mine. I did the code, made the font, took the photos and wrote the short stories, pages, and poems here for you to enjoy. I however did not write all the comments you see on the site, other people did.

Alpha note: Aug. 8th 2017

This website is all mine, my writing, my code (most of the code is mine anyways) and most of all my photography and drawings. You should be able to read my works and blog and even comment! If all is done correctly you should be able to order prints too. But, my site in under contruction, I organized My photos but they are in 4 different albums. My stories are also on another website. hoping my website will look like this...